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Alice Peacock - CD - Who I AmWho I Am CD (Autographed)

Who I Am, the latest album from singer-songwriter Alice Peacock, is as exquisite and uplifting a set of adult pop to come along in awhile. Brimming with bold tone colors, sweeping bridges and heaving washes of strings, the 35-year-old Chicagoan's song cycle is ostensibly a breakup record, and yet Peacock does more than merely sift through the ashes of a dead love affair. Singing in a bruised and yearning alto, and with a bracing mix of candor and generosity, she ponders the meaning not just of intimacy and commitment, but of life's bigger questions as well. Anyone fond of confessional touchstones like Carole King's Tapestry or Joni Mitchell's For the Roses - or, say, the latest by Patty Griffin - should absolutely give this a listen.

  1. Different From The Rest
  2. Baby Come Back
  3. Here I Go Again
  4. Time
  5. Taught Me Wel
  6. Anyone But Me
  7. Runaway Day
  8. Love
  9. Only A Memory
  10. I'm Still Here
  11. Sunflower
  12. Finding My Way
  13. Who I Am
  14. If You Could Only See Your Eyes

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