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Alice Peacock - CD - Self TitledSelf-Titled CD

The midtempo songs on Alice Peacock's self-titled album focus on folky pop-rock confections a la Sheryl Crow and Shawn Colvin. "Bliss" (featuring John Mayer) and "Imagination" (bolstered by Indigo Girl Emily Saliers) ride a midtempo mix of multiple guitars and harmony vocals, while "I Hear You Say" and "I'll Be the One" recall Faith Hill. "Alabama Boy," meanwhile, takes its cues from Joni Mitchell. "Into the Light" is a soaring slice of country-rock, the hidden track "Northern Star" a delicate stab at cabaret. Peacock's flowing grasp of various styles never sounds forced or fake. Indeed, her invigorating twists on standard pop make this collection a delight.

  1. Alabama Boy
  2. Leading With My Heart
  3. Bliss (Featuring John Mayer)
  4. I'll Start With Me
  5. I Hear You Say
  6. I'll Be The One (Featuring Jon Brion)
  7. Imagination
  8. Some Things Get Lost
  9. Parallel Lif
  10. Into The Light
  11. All Consuming Love
  12. Boy In The Backseat
  13. Send My Heart Back Home
  14. Hidden Track

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