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Alice Peacock - Myrick Peacock CDMyrick/Peacock CD

“We just knocked this album out,” Alice says, meaning her new duo project with long time collaborator, Danny Myrick. “It’s really organic-sounding, and that’s what we were going for. The rootsy, rocking uplift of such influences as John Hiatt, Tom Petty and Linda Ronstadt are particularly evident in such anthems as the dream-chasing “Great Big Love,” the saved-by-love exaltation “Right On Time” and the warmly nostalgic “Brave New World,” while the edgier side of their classic influences can be heard in the rocking “Distant Thunder” and the serpentine, banjo-spiced funk workout “Sooner or Later.” Many of the songs address profound pain – from front-page tragedies (“Isn’t It Amazing”) to personal loss (the exquisite, spiritual closer, “In All Things”) but whether the duo is channeling sorrow or exhilaration, the result is always deeply melodic, grooving and brimming with harmony. Danny and Alice are both preacher’s kids or as they like to joke “recovering” preacher’s kids. “I’ve felt the same thing at a Springsteen concert that I felt in a Pentecostal congregation,” Myrick volunteers. “Alice and I approach life’s big questions in similar ways, so we’ve been able to convey our faith – and even our uncertainty – through music without getting preachy about it.” Adds Peacock, “It’s all about connection, which I remind myself every time I’m about to go onstage.”

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