Watching My Babies Grow Up at Camp

Alice Peacock

Did you know that loons mate for life? Did you also know that they take separate winter vacations but return to the same spot on the same lake every summer to raise their family together? There is a loon family raising their two loonlings in the bay where our summer-camp cabin is.

The kids and I loved watching the mama give rides on her back to the little ones when they were younger. We checked in daily, counting them to make sure the family didn’t lose one to an aggressive northern pike or one of the bald eagles which have a nest across the lake. Speaking of eagles, they had two babies this summer as well and my son got to watch a naturalist and the DNR tag them about a month ago so they can track them. Those babies are hunting on their own now but are still a dark grey, having not gotten their bold white feathers yet.

All the babies are growing up. My 9-year-old son went on two, seven-day canoe trips in Canada and came back stronger, more confident and more mature. It’s amazing to watch them grow, almost visibly, over a summer! My other two are also having a terrific time stretching their wings, growing in knowledge, social skills and, especially, tetherball talent. We’ve fished, we’ve swam, we’ve paddled all around and seen countless wildlife. I spotted a black bear yesterday, which was exciting!

Soon we will return home and school will start again and I will receive copies of my brand new record, Minnesota, which I will mail out to all my Kickstarter supporters! There are some shows booked for August and September with more to follow. I hope I will see you at one of these. I truly appreciate your support and friendship. Family. Music. Nature. Friends. Life is wonderful!

Alice Peacock